Having a plan helps ensure your special event, for family or business, is successful. Having a plan makes it easier for the banquet hall / hotel you use. Having a plan also makes it easier on you since you avoid any last-minute problems, save money, and get a happy crowd. Below are some tips to help you.

Pick the Right Banquet Planner. A good banquet planner can help you plan the right menu, get the best location, and handle all the logistical details so your special event occurs without any problems.

Start Early. Allow at least two weeks before the actual event.

Develop a Budget. This needs to be done based on your needs.

Analyze Your Audience. You need to know your audience. Are they are all women, family members, business associates, etc. Knowing this is important to understanding their needs.

Pre-Visit. Be sure to check out the banquet facility / hotel before your special event.

Menus. Try and keep menus simple. Complicated menus make it harder to serve your group and can increase your costs. Also remember that people are more health-conscious, so plan your menus accordingly.

The above tips will help ensure you have a successful special event.