Tips for Buying Catering Services

Before you turn over your kitchen to someone else, you may want to consider the following tips:

Decide How to Much to Outsource. The first step is deciding how much of the catering you want to outsource. To save money, you may want to provide some food yourself such as a dessert of appetizer.

Write Down Your Requirements. Develop a list of your catering needs such as type of food, number of expected attendees, food type, number of locations & times, decorations required, and any other additional services needed.

Specialty Caterers. Consider using a specialty caterer for events with a specific theme or specialty menu such as ethnic food.

Get Bids. Ask caterers for bids against your requirements. You may also want to ask them for copies of invoices from their clients with catering events similar to yours. Getting independent bids provides an incentive for caterers to give you the best prices.

Additional Services. Try and find a caterer who will manage the entire process. This can save you a lot of work

Catering can make an ordinary event extraordinary. Using the above tips will help ensure you choose the right caterer and get the best service.